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We take care of environment and nature. Whenever we can, we are happy to help.

We have supported Primary School no. 3 in Kolín IV

We have given the Kolín IV Primary School located at Prokopa Velikého 633 a financial donation which the school management can use as it wishes according to the school’s needs and mainly to the benefit of the pupils.


We will give toys to the Bezrucova nursery

Again, as the beginning of the school year comes closer, children from the nursery school at Bezrucova street will get gifts from us. Based on the discussion with the management of the nursery school we will gladly purchase the missing toys or other teaching aids, and indeed there will also be a green frog or penguin. Stay tuned...


Šlechta Transport
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Our past and where we are going

Our road transport mission started in a small village called Milčice, where we occupied older and rather not suitable premises, in 2018. After having moved to the current premises in Kolin we started to expand our fleet, which is today represented by 33 modern trucks.

Šlechta Transport


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