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The goal of the Šlechta Transport co. is to become Eco-friendly as far as possible. To be ECO today is not only in, but it is also the right thing. We should bear this in our minds and educate our children accordingly.

Environmental standards

The first European standard on exhaust-gas emissions of cars was launched in 1970. Twenty- two years later the “Euro 1“ standard paved installation of catalytic convertors on petrol powered vehicles.

The latest “Euro 6“ standard applies to the newly approved types as of September 2014 and to all new vehicles as of September 2015. This standard reduces some polluting substances by 96% when compared to the 1992 limits. All our transport vehicles pass regular Euro 6 tests absolutely without issues.

Saving paper

Our Eco-friendly efforts are supported by our administrative activities, as we do the utmost to save paper. Therefore, we use Office 365, a line of subscription services offered by Microsoft as part of the Microsoft office product line.

Further we use on-line orders´ management without the necessity to print each and every page. Documents, which must be preserved under the legislature, are printed and stored, while the documents, which need not be preserved, are shredded and separated in blue containers.


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Our past and where we are going

Our road transport mission started in a small village called Milčice, where we occupied older and rather not suitable premises, in 2018. After having moved to the current premises in Kolin we started to expand our fleet, which is today represented by 33 modern trucks.

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