The service pit is in operation

13.01.2022 | We are finally able to service our trucks “at home” using our own freight vehicle repair shop. YES!

As we have already informed you, we have a “hole”. Now, we can proudly say that the service hole/pit/canal, whatever you want to call it smiley, is fully functional and that our servicing technician is taking care of our trucks.

The service pit is in operation

Our own fleet of trucks (it is constantly expanding – what else would you expect?) is now receiving the very best care and timely servicing. This is a great timesaving both for us and for our drivers. And don’t worry, we have nothing to do with the frog, but we simply like to show it smiley. We have simply arranged it with its nose to the front on the service pit.



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Our past and where we are going

Our road transport mission started in a small village called Milčice, where we occupied older and rather not suitable premises, in 2018. After having moved to the current premises in Kolin we started to expand our fleet, which is today represented by 33 modern trucks.

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