We are now using the loading bay

24.02.2022 | Hooray, the loading bay is finished and in full operation! YES!

The loading bay is yet another completed project that we can tick off with a large YES. As we wrote earlier, it comes with a range of advantages, both for us and for the drivers who come to us to load and unload. 

We are now using the loading bay

We have simplified the work for both our warehouse workers and the drivers. Most are pleased with the comfortable loading/unloading through the trailer’s rear door. Thanks to the tilting ramp, the need to cover the entire trailer and load it from the side using a forklift. The warehouse workers and drivers all cry “hooray”. smiley



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Our past and where we are going

Our road transport mission started in a small village called Milčice, where we occupied older and rather not suitable premises, in 2018. After having moved to the current premises in Kolin we started to expand our fleet, which is today represented by 33 modern trucks.

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